Film & Television

Allison Barbera offers makeup services for film and television. She has been working in the industry since 2009, quickly making contacts by providing high quality, professional makeup work. She is reliable, works well with cast and crew and understands set etiquette, time constraints and confidentiality.

300px-IMDb_logo Click here for a listing of some of Allison’s film and television work.

Film work includes:

  1. November Criminals
  2. Celeste and Jesse Forever
  3. Whaling City
  4. Almost Human
  5. Cheating Death
  6. His Take On Her
  7. Life Swap
  8. The Chair
  9. I Met You Once, In a Dream

Television work includes:

  1. The Improv Asylum’s Vanity Project (series)
  2. Fatal Flip (television movie)
  3. The March Sisters at Christmas (television movie)
  4. Sins of the Preacher (television movie)
  5. The Tennis Channel’s Heroes: Then and Now (television special)
  6. Various commercials