There’s a lot more to being a beauty pro than creating beautiful looks, styles or helping your clients reach their skincare goals. In order to really succeed and create the lifestyle you want, whether you’re a freelancer or a beauty business owner, you need to run your business like a boss. If the business side of beauty–systems, organization, policies, finances, client communication, etc.–makes you feel stressed, overwhelmed, or lost, we can help.



You know how much better you work when your kit or station is organized, right? Then why would it be any different on the business side? The more effectively and efficiently you run your business, the faster you’ll build up the kind of reputation that gets you more work, all while saving yourself time and frustration. Our Coaching packages were developed to help beauty pros like you get control of your business and improve it, while gaining more time and attracting quality clients.


Beauty Business Audit: $297

I review your current systems, workflows, templates and existing business infrastructure to identify what could be improved and what’s missing. I then provide you with a list and short description of what I suggest to make your business more efficient and organized. This saves you time and frustration so you can focus on growing your business and increasing revenue.


The Beauty Business Makeover: $1197

Includes the Beauty Business Audit, any templates needed (pre-made and/or customized) and a one hour coaching call after delivery to review and get any questions answered. This comprehensive overhaul of your current systems is designed to make your business more professional, efficient and organized so you can minimize stress and overwhelm and maximize revenue and schedule freedom.


Beauty Pro Coaching: $397 per month

The coaching calls are regular weekly calls that allow for a real deep dive of problem solving and guidance to help build or improve your beauty business and make sure it’s protected, organized and running efficiently so that you reach your highest income potential and achieve schedule freedom. This includes one month of coaching (four weekly one hour calls).



If you’re struggling with a specific beauty business or freelancer problem and could use some expert advice, Allison is here for you.

She offers Problem Solver calls in 30 minute ($65), 60 minute ($110) or 90 minute ($150) sessions. Let Allison use her 15+ years of experience in the beauty industry to help identify and eliminate the roadblocks that are holding you back. To schedule a session or get more info, fill out the form below, choose “Allison Barbera Academy” and let us know what you need guidance on.