Film & Television

Allison Barbera offers makeup services for film and television. She has been working in the industry since 2009, quickly making contacts by providing high quality, professional makeup work. She is reliable, works well with cast and crew and understands set etiquette, time constraints and confidentiality.

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Film work includes:

  1. November Criminals
  2. Celeste and Jesse Forever
  3. Whaling City
  4. Almost Human
  5. Cheating Death
  6. His Take On Her
  7. Life Swap
  8. The Chair
  9. I Met You Once, In a Dream

Television work includes:

  1. Story in the Public Square (series)
  2. The Improv Asylum’s Vanity Project (series)
  3. Fatal Flip (television movie)
  4. The March Sisters at Christmas (television movie)
  5. Sins of the Preacher (television movie)
  6. The Tennis Channel’s Heroes: Then and Now (television special)
  7. Various commercials


When you're working on a film set as an actor, you start your day in a makeup chair. Allison was the consummate professional, incredibly friendly and made me want to learn how to apply makeup to my own face the way she did. After working with her only once, I recommended her to any filmmaker I knew who needed a makeup artist for their production. And if you're reading this now: hire her. She'll listen to what you want, make your actors feel at ease, and brighten your film set with her fun personality.


Having worked with Allison on a handful of movies now, what always impresses me is not only her professionalism, but also her awesome attitude and energy. She puts the actors at ease, and helps keep up a fun environment with the crew too. Making movies can be a crazy stressful job at times, but she powers right through, still having fun along the way.

As a photographer, it’s super valuable to me to know that Allison is always on top of her game and that the actors will not only look fantastic and be more than happy with the final results, but will also enjoy the process and environment along the way, which is equally important.

Seeing her work with or on the actors, as well as alongside the crew, it’s very clear that Allison has years of experience under her (tool)belt, having honed both her craft and her people skills to be able and comfortable with jumping right in without hesitation wherever she’s needed.

I always enjoy working with Allison, and love seeing her face on the crew!


Allison is my go-to person for all of our make-up needs. She replies quickly to my booking requests and her prices are very reasonable. She is always punctual and professional. We have used her for our television and film shoots and she is the person I recommend whenever I'm asked for a make-up referral.

Improv Asylum & Laugh Boston

Allison Barbera is a highly skilled, versatile professional who knows her stuff and clearly loves what she does. Allison worked with me on two television projects, an independent pilot and the 13-episode sketch comedy series Vanity Project (nominated for a NE Emmy Award). Every day of the shoot, she created numerous looks for a large cast -- from realistic to fantasy and everything in between, and never batted an eye. She works quickly, which is so key, but doesn't sacrifice quality. She is always a welcome presence on set because she brings confidence, artistry, grace and enthusiasm to working with all types of personalities.

Executive Producer, Life Swap

Talent, efficiency, and professionalism are the holy trinity in any worthwhile film crew member and the strength of the vanities department can make or break a production. In my experience working with her on various sets, I’ve found Allison to be a delightful person, an extraordinary artist, and always a consummate professional. I wouldn't hesitate to bring her on board to any shoot.

2nd Assistant Director, The Way, Way Back