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There are a lot of moving parts to a wedding timeline. It’s crucial, as the photographer, to be in sync with all of it and to be working with other vendors who recognize this. The starting point to any wedding day is generally the pre-ceremony preparations. This is when the clock starts ticking and we have X amount of hours to get to the altar. It’s part of my job to keep the wedding party on pace so we’re not late and the rest of the day falls into place on schedule. This has to be done in a manner that doesn’t stress anyone out and keeps the mood upbeat and happy. The hair and makeup team is integral in making this happen.

Allison and her team excel in this aspect of the day. Not only does the wedding party look flawless every time but we are never late and always laughing the entire morning. Allison has a way of calming the group. She stays on schedule and is aware of what I have to get done. She understands lighting and how important it is to position my subjects where I need them. There have been times when I’ve entered the room and asked to pretty much arrange the entire layout after she’s already started, and she always does it without question. She knows it will make my job a bit easier and yield better photos.

These are only a few of the things that make Allison and her team stand out from the rest. On your wedding day, you don’t want to be stressed out about timing or how you are going to look. Allison and her team alleviate all of that with their professional attitudes, attention to detail and the skills to make you look and feel exactly how you should on the biggest day of your life. It’s these reasons and more that I get excited about working alongside Allison and her squad at my weddings. It goes off without a hitch every time and my photos reap the benefit of her work. Every. Single. Time.

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