Mandy Connor

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Allison Barbera and her team have taken amazing care of countless brides of mine. As a wedding planner, I find it can be incredibly challenging matching brides with just the perfect artist/stylist who can accommodate their style and vision while bringing positivity, fun and a calm happiness to a wedding morning. Allison and her team continue to impress me with their ability to do all of these things and more at every wedding they are a part of.
As a rule, brides tend to go into hair and makeup trials feeling nervous about the possible outcome, yet my brides come out of their trials with Allison’s team practically skipping. I receive feedback emails following trials saying things like “LET’S BOOK THEM!” and “I look so good!!!!!!” As you can see from the use of caps lock and heavy usage of exclamation points, my brides sing Allison Barbera’s praises time and time again.
Allison continues to make my job exponentially easier through her consistent and timely communication, her amazing attention to detail, her helpful guidance and feedback, and of course, her warmth and kindness. She and her girls have raised the bar for what I expect from a styling team.
Thank you, Allison!! You and your girls are a DREAM!!!

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