Makeup Artist Dreaming: Get Schooled

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Education is key.

If your state requires that all makeup artists are licensed Cosmetologists or Estheticians, you will have to go to school for the required amount of hours. If you don’t need a license to provide makeup services in your state, you may still want to strongly consider getting your Esthetics or Cosmetology license, or getting a makeup certification. Having a license or certification in your field when you technically don’t need to will give you training and credibility.

If you decide to go to school, depending on your state, you may have to making the choice between Cosmetology or Esthetics programs. Cosmetology programs are typically more hours, and while the subjects of makeup and skincare are covered, the majority of the time is spent on hair styling, cutting and coloring. Esthetics programs normally focus on skincare, waxing, makeup and sometimes other spa services like acupressure, body wraps and various body treatments. Some states may not require makeup artists to be licensed, but they may require some kind of makeup artist certification.

You may live in a state that does not have any education or licensing requirements to be a provider of makeup services, but getting some kind of training will be beneficial. Even an informal course with an experienced makeup artist can help you gain the experience, credibility and confidence needed to start your career.

If you do need to or decide to go to school, get a certification or take any type of makeup course, do your research! Find out what the school or course will provide for you in terms of hours, education and materials/supplies. Visit the school (or meet with the instructor if you will be doing private lessons) to make sure it is the right fit for you. Speak to current and past students if possible.

Verify that the school is accredited, if necessary. Find out what the cost will be, and if they offer student loans or payment plans, if that is something you would need. Confirm the length of the program, the schedule of classes and if there is a penalty for taking a leave of absence or going past the contracted date (some Cosmetology and Esthetics schools have these hidden charges). Get everything in writing and make sure that you fully understand any documents before signing. If your questions are brushed off, or you are made to feel that your questions or silly or you are asking too many, consider another school or course.

The proper education and training will set you up for a successful career, so choosing the right school or course is an important decision.

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